Having a disturbed bowel movement can be a major cause of an irritated day. And nobody wants that especially when you’re chasing those strict corporate deadlines or having a good time with your friends and family. So before you get worried about those specific days, let’s get started towards a better digestive system by abiding three holy grails introduced by Ayurveda!

Introducing Copper For A Strengthed Digestive System

From an ayurvedic point of view, copper has been the earliest friend of mankind in all aspects of our lifestyle. Be it the tools and accessories, or using the same to store our edibles, copper helps us to balance our metabolism and has been a part of us as we evolve. One of the most widely practiced applications of copper is as a water bottle and glasses made out of the same to incorporate the copper elements in our diet subtly. You can also try plates and cooking vessels made out of copper to help yourself incline towards a natural lifestyle, thus strengthening your digestive tract and digestive potential.

Juices You Didn’t Know Shall Help You With Bowel

Vegetables like bottle gourd and aloe vera, when extracted in the form of distilled juices can work wonders for your digestive tract if taken the first thing in the morning. Such juices help your body get rid of the toxins that are blocking your basal metabolism from effectively digesting and absorbing the edibles. This also results in a direct shoot of energy as it helps your body absorb the nutrients better.

Plan Your Diet Right!

Along with other tips that you keep in mind while eating, it is also essential that you take your diet on time and in proportion. A rule to stick by is that you have your breakfast as a king and dinner like a beggar, ie. eating heavily in the early hours of the day and eating light while at night to allow your body enough time to digest everything you intake. While abiding by all of these rules, you’ll be able to witness a reform in your digestive process and more tips like these, keep watching this space.