Winter season and you are bound  to get cold and cough.

How to avoid it? Simple

Winter season you don't feel thirsty, you drink less of water which results in the dryness of throat  and you are attacked by infection.

You don't feel like drinking water, you can drink sips of water. If you can add soups in your routine see to it that you take every thing that is warm or normal temperature not cold.

Avoid cold drinks and ice creams but if you like them take them when it is sunny outside. If you take these things at night then after taking something cold, add something hot i.e if you have had ice cream now, have a cup of coffee later.

Winter season you get lot of fresh fruits especially grapes, oranges, bananas which gives cold to many people. Eat them between 10 to 2 pm and see that you enjoy them and don't get troubled by cold and cough.

In winter season most of the people get constipated that also adds to the infection.

Increase fibre intake in your diet. Make these simple changes and enjoy winter - cough and cold free.