The practice of yoga developed across the ages, imparting physical, mental and spiritual health to it's practitioners.

Key benefits that yoga offers-

Circulatory system improvement

  • Yoga has been known to offer remarkable benefits to the musculoskeletal system in.
  • Breathing exercises leads to improved cardiac rehabilitation and quality of life in people with asthma and helps in lowering the blood pressure.
  • 20 min yoga session , goes a long way in improving breathing, controlling mood swings and reducing anxiety.

Lower Back Rehabilitation

  • Sedentary work lifestyles lead to back pain at some point. Even 20 year old's these days tend to have these issues.
  • Yoga has an effect on the skeletal system and is known to relieve the stress in lower back.
  • Research done by Boston University School of Medicine shows that yoga combined with rehabilitation for lower back led to a reduction of pain for all the people that volunteered for the experiment.
  • It gives internal strength to muscles and skeletal system and increases the blood supply to the muscles.


The practice of yoga is beneficial to everybody children, girls and boys (post puberty), pregnant women, adults- irrespective of age, gender, weight,height, prevailing ailment, present level of fitness and practicing religion.

A session in the gym might make you feel more fatigued and tired, though it is an easy way to burn fat, yoga is more relieving, peaceful and ensures holistic development in the long term.

It can be practiced at the comfort of your home, without any investment. 

A 20-30 min session a day, at any point of your choice can be your healthy exercise choice for better tomorrow.

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