We all want to have a younger and glowing skin but with so much chemicals as well as the pollution, the health of the skin can get miserable and in turn many individuals look older than they actually are. 

Hence, it is always recommended to visit the dermatologist in your area after every few months such that he/she can analyse the condition of your skin. 

So, in this article, we would be covering the ways through which we can tackle ageing problems of skin and how we can achieve a younger looking skin. 

What are the symptoms that denotes that your skin is ageing?

There are several symptoms which denotes that your skin might be ageing. Some of them has been jotted down below:

  1. Pores on the skin has begun to dilute. 
  2. Wrinkles is developing over the face especially around the eyes and forehead.
  3. You would notice sun spots on your skin. 
  4. A depressed smile would make you feel that you are getting older. 
  5. Contracted neck, sagging of nose and face and overactive chin are some of the other symptoms. 

What is the clinical approach that I use to tackle skin ageing problem?

A skin analyser dictates the current condition of the skin of the patient. Based upon that, appropriate cure can be suggested for the same. 

Some of the common methods used are:

  • PRP facial for improving the pores texture

The pores texture can look a bit bigger because of dead skin cells, resulting oil and dirt as well as poor hygiene. PRP facial has growth hormones present in it which can stimulate the skin and in turn make it look healthy as well as improve the texture of the pores. 

  • Botox proteins for anti-aging treatments 

Many of my patients complain that the glow in their skin has been lost and they are also developing wrinkles above the eyes. In such a case, I use Botox protein such that all the anti-aging problem of the skin is minimized. The effects lasts for about 3-4 months and it can last even longer with regular treatments. 

  • PDO threads for lower face treatments

With PDO threads the sagging of lower face reduces and I recommend this to all my patients who are looking for some lift to their face. 

  • Fractional CO2 for the textual improvement of the skin 

I recommended Fractional CO2 to all my patients who are looking to resurface their scars, pigmentation lightening, collagen induction as well as want the textual improvement of the skin. 

  • Chemical peels 

I make use of chemical peels in order to improve the damaged skin, texture and pigmentation of my patients. 

  • IPL photofacial 

IPL photofacial is used for skin maintenance as well as to repair the blood vessels that have become spottable over a period of time. Besides this, it also removes the pigmentation irregulates as well as the sun spots.  With IPL photofacial, large pores as well as acne problems can also get eliminated. 

What are the skin care tips that the patients need to keep in mind?

1. Use sunscreen 

Limit time in the sun. Avoid going out in the sun during the peak hours and instead cover your face with a cloth. 

Purchase a sunscreen that comes with a sun protection factor which will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

2. Use mild facewash 

It is always recommended to use a mild facewash as a lot of facewash that you would get in the market these days has harsh chemicals present in it which can potentially damage your skin. 

3. Drink enough water 

Many of us forget that drinking enough water because can treat can many skin problems naturally. Make sure that you drink at least 3-4 litres of water. 

4. Avoid smoking and drinking

Excess of smoking and drinking can seriously alter your skin and make you look older than your age. Hence, it is recommended that you avoid it.