Did you know that you can make a wonder herb from three different spices that are easily available in your kitchen? Trikatu Churna, a magical powdered herb, used extensively in Ayurvedic treatments can be made at home with black pepper, long pepper fruit and ginger mixed in equal proportions.

The benefits of Trikatu Churna are extensive, from being good for the liver, spleen and the pancreas, the herb can also help in digestion. The herb has also been found to be good for the respiratory system.

Treat the following diseases with Trikatu

Collapse fever

Boil trikatu, trifala (Beleric myrabalan, myrabalan chebulie and indian gooseberry), neem bark, trichosanthes dioica leaves, Pierorhiza, Indra barley, chiretta, stereospermum suaveolens and tinospora with water. Once cooled down, the preparation should be taken twice a day.


Mix trikatu with honey and keep small amounts in your mouth. The cough would vanish in few days!


Grind 30gms of trikatu, 30gms of trifala, 50gms of five salt, 10gms of pomegranate seeds, and 10gms of myrabalan chebulie together. Once done, mix 6gms of the above mixture with water and have it twice a day.

Liver diseases

Make a mixture by adding equal amounts of trikatu, trifala, pure sulphur, borax, liquorice, turmeric, bondue nut seeds and pure purgative croton. To this, add flavieria repanda in this powder and store it for three days. Keep stirring the mixture in between. Prepare tablets and keep it to dry. Once dried, take one tablet after meals to be relieved of major liver diseases.


Mix trikuta, along with impure carbonate of potash, (Jawakhar) and rock salt with whey. Have this mixture to cure dropsy.

Stomach ache

Make a powder of the trikatu mix, caraway, lead-wort, juniper berry, black peppers and rock salt together. The mixture should then be taken with whey. All stomach aches caused due to phlegm can be treated with this mixture.


Boil the trikatu mixture with male bamboo, chiretta, neem bark, Pierorhiza and tinospora 5 grams each with water. Filter the mixture and mix honey with it.

Children’s diseases

Take trikatu powder rock salt, big Indian beech, padh and pahadi Indian beech together thereafter mix honey and ghee in it. Once cooled, give it to children suffering from rickets.