Stop smoking, NOW!

Smoking is a habit which has always been found illogical by the author. Tobacco acts as a mind-stimulant but does not gives a proper high like alcohol and other soft drugs. There is a false sense of calming which is erroneously associated with smoking, whereas in actuality smoking increases anxiety.

The suggestion that it relieves stress is a false auto-suggestion as on the contrary it increases stress by elevating blood pressure and nicotine dependency seems to exacerbate stress. This stress of nicotine dependence seem to be relieved by the next cigarette. So its funny that one creates stress by nicotine dependency and seem to relieve it by smoking! 

Smoking cessation exercise

All habits are unconscious. So try being conscious of your smoking habit. Whenever you smoke, just do it with all your senses alert. 

Right from pulling out a cigarette from the box watching the picture of smokers lungs on the box. Feeling it between your fingers to putting it between the lips, be aware of the smell of tobacco. Watch yourself lighting it and the grey colored smoke entering your mouth touching and passing by the oral tissues to your air pipe to lastly filling your lungs. Make an internal picture of your pharynx and lungs filled with smoke (at this point, you may watch the picture of lungs again).

Pay attention to all other feelings including dryness/coughing/ or any other body changes.

This way the brain is programmed to sub-consciously associate smoking with the deleterious effects on the body and will suggest itself to quit to get rid of these undesirable effects which are now stored in memory with this conscious exercise. Hypnotherapy aids and magnifies the impact of this exercise and helps to break the pattern of rigid smoking pattern.

Finally you are advised not to judge yourself everyday, and be patient to let the habit go on its own quite miraculously! Till then smoke and fill your lungs with it, but consciously!