Perfectionism is seen in the form of a picture-perfect baseline. To simplify this explanation, have a look at the handwriting sample below

The red underline is a 0-degree line draw digitally 

If you have ever written on an unruled paper and find that your baseline is like the one above, you can confidently entitle yourself as a Perfectionist! It also seen in the preference for a pencil as the choice of a writing instrument. Perfectionists don't like others to see their mistakes, they like to 'erase' them!

Perfectionism is a compulsive need to have everything in order; even if it is the positioning of a pen on a table. 

Such people are seen wasting a lot of time in unproductive activities, they not only waste their time in trivial issues but also the time of others who are working along with them. 

People who have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and OCN (Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis) are perfectionists at heart. Perfectionism is a defence mechanism and a fear that shields others from entering into the inner circle. Such a trait contributes to adjustmental disorders as well.  

Perfectionism is definitely not a strength! It might appear to be one because it drives us towards a positive outcome but it has its roots in a weak ego.  It is a feeling of incompleteness and helplessness that eats into a person when perfectionism isn't met by themselves or by the people around them.

Unfortunately, people consider it great to be a perfectionist. Please introspect!

There are a lot of psychotherapies that are available to overcome this trait. Reach out to a counsellor and a psychotherapist if you need help.

Have a blessed life!