At times the most complex of things are said in the simplest of ways and this simplicity is what stays with us for a lifetime. 

One such incident happened with me during the course of my interaction with our little patients suffering from asthma who come for taking therapy to our centre.

This was in August last year. A little girl Angel (name changed to protect identity) was a frequent visitor to our salt therapy centre. She was suffering from asthma since birth and now at 9 years was on heavy medication when she first came to the clinic. 

A petite girl with pale complexion but very bright eyes, she immediately caught my attention. I stepped out of my room to chat with her. After the initial hesitation to relent, she quickly started talking while her parents were busy with the doctor discussing the course of treatment for their daughter. 

Upon inquiring about her hobbies, she told me that she loved to read since her mom had restricted her outside play hours owing to her medical condition. I casually asked her as to what she liked to read. Like any girl her age, her reply was ‘I like reading fairy tales”. I’ll be a writer one day and write such stories”. I turned around and said “And what will you write?” There came the answer I had not expected. 

“The lion who had asthma” she answered unassumingly. The confidence in her voice said a thousand things. It was as if she had already scripted the book in her young mind. It took me a while to respond. “What will you write in the book” I asked. Pat came her answer “I’ll write how the brave lion suffered because of asthma, he coughed instead of roaring and all the other animals made fun of him. But one day he got a magic potion in the forest, he drank it and his asthma was gone”. 

I was dumbfounded. I hope one day Angel’s dream to have her asthma gone becomes a reality. 

Lets all hunt for this magic potion for her. 

By Anju Chandna
Co-founder SRT India - The Salt Room Therapy Chain