No other substance on Earth can match the healing properties and restorative powers of water. For untold generations, people have recognized water as a natural medicine, one that can ease the body and calm the spirit. Hydrotherapy harnesses the life-giving power of water and uses it to provide relief and comfort to those who suffer from all manner of aches and pains.

 Ancient cultures in Greece, China and Japan were among the first to develop hydrotherapy, which is the practice of submerging all or parts of the body in water for medicinal purposes. The practice rose to prominence in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries as physicians of the day studied the science of water therapy. "Water cures" were a common treatment at the time for a host of illnesses, including pneumonia, anxiety and back pain. Since then, the use of hydrotherapy has expanded greatly and is now an often prescribed treatment for a broad range of physical maladies.

 Hydrotherapy is the medicinal use of water for positive health benefits. These health benefits come from the mechanical and thermal effects of water interacting with the body. It includes the use of physical water properties, specifically temperature and pressure, and sometimes the delivery of minerals or herbal treatments to manipulate the body’s flow of blood, the endocrine system and associated neural systems in order to treat the symptoms of certain diseases. The term “Hydrotherapy” is derived from the Greek words “Hydro” meaning water, and “Therapia” meaning healing.

 Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy regiments can be designed to treat any number of maladies by creating different combinations of water temperature, water pressure and delivery methods. The most common ailments Hydrotherapy is used to treat include arthritis pain, back pain, headaches and muscle pain. These ailments respond well to changes in the body that are brought about by temperature and pressure differentials and by increased or decreased blood flow. But Hydrotherapy is useful for relieving the discomfort and pain caused by a variety of symptoms associated with different diseases and injuries.

Increased blood flow has important effects on your body, including:

1) more efficient oxygenation of tissues, thereby helping injuries heal faster,

2) more efficient removal of toxins from tissue, which helps prevent or ease injuries and increases tissue resiliency. As a result, hot water Hydrotherapy is used to achieve many health benefits, the most popular of which are outlined below.

Fight infection and injury 

By increasing the rate of blood flow in the body, Hydrotherapy increases circulation of the immune system’s white blood cells, enabling the immune system to work faster and more efficiently. Hydrotherapy increases the production of endorphins in the body as well. Endorphins are the body’s “pain killers” and are associated with feelings of elation or happiness. Endorphins also stimulate the immune system, alleviate pain, and help tissues heal faster.

Help clear respiratory infections

The inhalation of steam, particularly those medicated with compounds like menthol, alleviates the constriction of swollen lung canals and air sacs, allowing fluids and mucus to move out of the lungs more readily, and oxygen into the lungs more efficiently. When your body fights lung infections, they move the ‘remains’ of organisms it has killed (and your spent white blood cells) out of your body via mucus, so clearing mucus and fluid out of your lungs is important in helping your body clear an infection as quickly as possible.

Reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis and rheumatisms

The increase in blood flow brought about by hot water helps muscles relax, which lessens stress and pressure on joints, thereby alleviating pain from arthritis and rheumatism. Inflammation in surrounding muscles and connective tissue is caused by a combination of cellular reactions to injury and a buildup of fluids, and when blood flow is increased, the body is able to reabsorb fluids faster and heal injury faster, helping reduce inflammation over time.

Improve sleep and relieve stress

The calming effects hot water has on the nervous and endocrine systems help put our bodies in a “lower gear”, thereby relaxing us mentally. This state of heightened relaxation makes it easier for us to fall asleep and helps alleviate daily stress and anxiety.

Prevent headaches

When blood vessels dilate, the physical space our blood has to fill in our bodies increases, and therefore overall systemic blood pressure decreases. Headaches are often brought about by high pressure in the arteries of the skull, so lower blood pressure helps prevent this from happening. In addition, stress is often a culprit of constricted blood flow to the brain, which can also lead to headaches. Since hydrotherapy treatments help alleviate stress, they can also limit the onset of stress-induced headaches as well.

Help control blood sugar in diabetics

Recent studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine have shown that people with Type 2 Diabetes had an easier time controlling their plasma sugar levels and weight when they soaked in hot water for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. In some instances, people needed less insulin each day as well. The increased blood flow, which mimics exercise and decreases activity of the endocrine system while increasing blood circulation to and from tissues, plays a role in the body’s ability to maintain glucose levels. Hydrotherapy is especially helpful in alleviating painful symptoms in people who have a harder time exercising than those who do not.

Reduce symptoms in patients with nerve, muscle or connective tissue diseases

Because  Hydrotherapy has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps increase blood flow to soft tissue, it helps alleviate symptoms associated with neural and muscular diseases by decreasing demands on neurons, decreasing stress in the muscles, and increasing the flow of oxygen to soft tissues, which aids in healing.

Relax muscles, heal muscle injuries, and relieve muscle disease symptoms

Hydrotherapy is especially helpful in bringing increased blood flow to the soft tissues of the body, particularly the muscles. In cases where people suffer from muscle injury or disease, Hydrotherapy can provide great relief from many muscle discomforts including cramps, swelling, pain and spasms.

Treat circulatory problems, especially in the limbs

When blood vessels dilate, as they do during Hydrotherapy treatment, circulation and blood flow is increased, particularly to soft tissue like muscles. This is especially helpful in people who suffer from circulation problems, especially to the limbs and extremities. People who suffer from cold hands and feet will find that many times hot Hydrotherapy doesn’t only provide an immediate relief, but that it continues to help even hours after the treatment.


Hydrotherapy helps to regulate your body's temperature control by improving the efficiency of your perspiration glands. This releases the toxins from your body and leaves you with a healthy glowing complexion. If you look better you will feel better. The oxygen flow is increased by the effect of the millions of bubbles and this activity can also help reduce fluid retention and even have a dramatic effect on other ailments such as cellulite. In short, Hydrotherapy offers an excellent way for you to regain and maintain a healthy and painless body. Any natural treatment that can help you to revitalise and de-stress, without producing the detrimental side effects of some of today's modern drugs has got to be the way forward.


In your first 20 mins therapy

After 5 minutes - your blood pressure and pulse rates start to drop. 

After 10 minutes - your circulation improves in your hands and feet making them warmer.  

After 15 minutes - your muscles will relax becoming more receptive to passive exercise, fibrous tissue becomes more pliable and responsive to stretching encouraging the release of lactic acid and other toxins from your system.  

After 20 minutes - your aches and pains will experience a temporary decrease in severity.


Further Therapy outcomes

After 3 sessions - your immune system will be improved.  

After 5 sessions - tension, emotional and physical pain will noticeably be reduced.  

After 10 sessions - your pain relief will be longer lasting, you'll experience a greater sense of well-being.  

After 20 sessions - you will have a heightened tolerance to disease and depression, your skin will be clearer and glow with health and your muscle tone and mobility will improve.


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