From the rusting of a metal to the rotting of an apple; Oxidation is constantly happening and its effects are diverse. Oxygen combines with some other elements to form free radicals, which are highly reactive. These free radicals can damage the cells of our body and cause chronic diseases. The magnitude of this damage has increased exponentially due to pollution, tremendous amount of stress and harmful radiation. By consuming natural antioxidants, this damage can be reduced significantly. In order to defeat these free radicals, the “Antioxidant revolution” is hugely important. This revolution eliminates the health hazards and protects the body from these dangerous atoms. The body’s immune system needs to be replenished from time to time to increase the quantity of antioxidants. By consuming sufficient amount of fresh fruits and green vegetables, the antioxidant ratio in our body goes up. This gives us the power to combat the infectious free radicals and stay healthy.