There are hardly any women in the world who can claim that they have not suffered from any hair problems in their life. Due to the increase in everyday stress and pollution, which are the two major enemies of healthy hair, hair problems have also increased. While men can still carry on with their life with baldness, self esteem of women are shattered if extreme hair fall leads to baldness.

It is thus important that you take care of your hair such that the problems that mostly affect women all over the world stay away from you. Given below are the hair problems that are most common in women all over the world along with the ways of treating them :

1. Frizzy Hair

 The problem of Frizzy hair is suffered by most women who go out to work. The air pollution, dust and dirt make your hair frizzy even if you have washed your hair the very same day. Frizzy hair is the result of lack of enough moisture in your hair.

How to Treat Frizzy Hair

The only treatment or solution for this problem is deep conditioning hair spa once in a while.

2. Dandruff 

Dandruff ails men and women alike, all over the world. While pollution is one big factor contributing to dandruff but there are other various reasons too. The reasons can vary from fungal infection to poor lifestyle to unclean hair.

How to Treat Dandruff 

The Treatment or solution for Dandruff is not through any cosmetic product. But your first step should be to consult a good doctor to know the cause of the dandruff for permanent cure.

3. Split Ends of Hair 

This problem is mostly suffered by women who have thick and coarse hair strands. Split Ends are also caused by lack of moisture in the hair. Using chemicals like hair colors or blow drying your hair or using straighteners and curlers frequently would make your hair drier

How to Treat Split Ends of Hair

  • The Treatment or Solution for Split Ends of Hair is conditioning your hair regularly
  • Staying away from the above mentioned causes for Split Ends of Hair. 

4. Hair Fall

Hair Fall is possibly the major problem faced by women all over the world. Hair fall can be a symptom to some major problem or can be the problem itself.

How to Treat Hair Fall 

To get treated your Hair Fall, it is important that you consult a doctor immediately to get it treated before baldness sets in.

There are other various hair problems too but the above mentioned ones are the Major and the most common ones.