Frequently asked Questions

1. Doctor, I get a constant irritation in my throat. What can i do about that?

-     For constant irritation/general dryness in the throat kindly gargle with warm saline once after brushing your teeth in the morning and once just before going to sleep at night. Avoid chilly/ spicy food. Take your last meal at least two hours before going to bed.

2.  I have been told that I snore at night. This is very embarrassing when I travel – the person next to me gets disturbed. Can something be done about this?

-         Snoring is a common problem.Unfortunately it is multifactorial in causation. You will need to undergo a detailed snoring work up which will include a sleep study to find out the extent and the causes of the problem.However, certain lifestyle modifications always help – regular physical activity, weight reduction, giving up smoking, and alcohol consumption only in moderation.\

3. What are the early signs of Throat Cancer?

- Loosening of teeth, difficulty in speaking, chronic non healing ulcer in the mouth, persistent hoarseness of the voice, difficulty in swallowing etc.

4. Is there something I can do to improve my voice?

- in case of singers, it is recommended that they take half a tsf of honey with warm water in the morning. Avoid shouting or talking for long intervals - take a break in between, sip some water.

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