1.   I tend to sneeze whenever I wake up in the morning or on leaving an air-conditioned room. What can I do for that?

       This is related to sudden change in temperature, which may lead to sneezing or watery discharge from the nose. As a precaution avoid sudden changes in temperature e.g. switch off the car AC a minute before you are to get off, similarly with the room AC. This could also indicate House Dust Mite allergy.

2.    I have a constant desire to clean my nostrils. What is the best wayof doing this?

     I find the best way to clean the nasal passages is by filling the palm of your hand with skin warm water and inhaling through each nostril and then blowing it out. Do not use excessive pressure.

3. My 4 years old child has a constant nasal blockage since the last one year and he snores at night.

The commonest cause of this problem is an enlarged adenoid which is like a tonsil behind the nose. It typically grows large during this age to cause nasal obstruction. He should be seen and investigated. Sometimes a surgery may be required

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