Thaila dhara 

Thaila dhara or Pizhichil is the combination of two classical ayurvedic treatments, Snehana (oleation) ant Swedana (sudation). It is one of the part of panchakarma treatment in ayurveda.

Thaila dhara or pizhichil is one of the common forms of keraleeya ayurveda chikitsa. It is the procedure in which streams of lukewarm medicated oil is poured on the whole body or the affected area with simultaneous soft massage. The procedure requires three trained therapist – one for warming the oil and two others for pouring the warm medicated oil over the whole body or affected area. Taila dhara is useful for rheumatic complaints, arthritis, neurological disorders and paralysis. It is proven to be effective in cases of sexual weakness, anxiety and body aches. The benefits of the treatment is rejuvenates the body, nourishes the skin and keeps it young, regulating blood pressure, combating depression and preventing aging. It helps in promoting proper circulation and hence clearing the channels. The duration of the treatment varies from 30 to 45 minutes.The treatment is done in a course like 7 days, 14 days etc. depending on the conditions of the patient. Dhanwndharam tailam, bala tailam, praphanjanabanam tailam, sahacharadi tailam etc. are some of the medicated oils used for taila dhara or pizhichil. Medicated oil is using for the treatment is depend on the direction of the physician.

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