Remember 7 words stating with P. Give Paracetamol for fever. Behave like a Patient.Do not move around spreading viruses of this highly contagious disease. It can spread to 100 people collected in hospitals.

Go to hospital only if fever does not come down after few days.

There is specific Antigen test which is positive after few days of catching infection.

Do not waste time and money in Lab to get tested right on first day, being paranoid about every Flu being Swine Flu.

Prevention is the Mantra for any illness.

Get Vaccinated for it anyway. Every Pregnant woman should receive vaccination for Swine flu. She is passing on Immunity to the baby she is carrying now and till the time baby is about 9 months.

Keep surroundings clean.

Pigs (Swine) pass on the disease. Maintain Safe distance.

Pani ( water) is the Therapy

General Treatment for flu, so that hospitals can be Avoided--

Give water as ORS, Green tea, Clear soups, Regular tea,Roohafza, Lemon water with Honey, Chhacch...Avoid Fats and Heavy Proteins like Non Veg Fried food.

There are lots of Variety of Sachets for ORS with Chemists. 

Give liquid Nourishment like diluted Toned Milk, Curd, Custurd, Dry Biscuits like Parle G,Beverages with or without milk.

But Sips at a time...

Plain water causes Distention. Avoid.

Total Bed Rest for at least ONE Week is a Must Therapy.

Bathing and Hygiene.

Wash away sweat as it may be carrying germs to cause Auto infection to self and infecting every visitor to The Room with a Patient.

Wear Cottons only because Synthetics invite more heat from Environment.

Some safe anti allergic Medicine like Phenargan can be given along with Paracetamol . 

Do Not force food and avoid the Risk of Vomiting .It is easier to give Oral Medicines compared to intravenous or intramuscular route through Injections.

Swine Flu is a Ghost or Not?

It is for us to give status of a Ghost or to treat it well so as not to land with complications by Giving Too Many Medicines each with its Own Side Effects.