Now-a-days parents are very conscious of their children’s health. They want the best doctors for them whom they bombard with so many questions. The queries of most mothers to me as a doctor are: My child is a fussy eater, he does not eat well; his weight is very low according to his age; his immunity is very low; he catches cough and cold very easily; his height is not increasing; he is hyperactive and destructive in nature; his vision is deteriorating because of excessive screen time; he does not concentrate on studies and the list is unending. A simple answer to all such queries is Swarnaprashan. 

It is a Sanskar mentioned in Kashypa Samhita ages back but has become today’s need. It is prevalent in many states of our country like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand etc.

What is Swarnaprashan and how it is practiced?

It is a medicine which is given in the form of drops. It is given on every pushpa nakshatra which comes every 27 days. It is a day of nourishment and the absorption of medicine is very good on that day. The best age for the medicine is from birth to 16 years, because the maximum physical and cognitive development happens till this age. The name itself suggests that this medicine has gold ash or Swarna bhasma in it. It also has brain tonics like brahmi, vacha, shankhpushpi in it which increase the memory and grasping power of the child. There are lot of myths associated with Swarna bhasma that because of its metallic nature it should not be administered to the children which is not true. Swarna bhasma has the property of nano particles so it can reach the smallest tissue of the body and balance the Doshas. The gold ash has been observed to act on the marcrophages. Apart from its immune- modulatory function, it has a free radical scavenging activity. 

Benefits of Swarnaprashan

Its action of strengthening the immune system protects children from seasonal infections. Also, on contraction of diseases, recovery is quicker. It acts in increasing the physical strength and rate of growth of the infant. Cognitive functions of the brain, intelligence and memory power also improve. Digestive power of the stomach of the child increases and digestion related complaints reduce. It strengthens all the five sensory organs of the child. It is a boon for Autistic children. 

There have been miraculous results of Swarnaprashan at my clinic. There are many cases of sinusitis, tonsillitis which got cured only after two doses of Swarnaprashan. Vision in children has significantly improved due to Swarnaprashan. There are cases where weight has remarkably increased in children with under weight history. Bed wetting a common problem in children has subsided in many children after Swarnaprashan. Autistic children have attained speech within 3 to 4 months of the medicine. Premature babies who were finding it difficult to survive have sustained with the help of it.