Ayurveda is the only medical science which states the importance of maintaining good health first, preventing diseases through healthy lifestyle and then curing diseases. 

Swasthasya swasthyarakshanam Aturasya Vikarprashamanam cha!

Today, children of all age groups, have to cope up with recurrent physical and mental stress leading to decrease in physical and mental immunity. This results in various complaints like :

1) Loss of appetite

2) Lack in concentration, reduced memory

3) Irritability

4) Having recurrent infections like chronic cold, digestive problems etc

5) Allergies

6) Stress (esp. during exams )

7) Headache 

8) Sleep problems etc

Recurrent use of higher doses of medicines makes their immunity further weak and they get caught in the vicious circle of illness and medicine.

Is there any answer to the above problems?  Definitely yes - It is Suvarnaprashan !

Suvarnaprasha is a unique Ayurvedic remedy clinically tested and proven to boost immunity and intellect in children. It is given to children between 0-16 years in the form of drops. It has following benefits:

1)  Increases immunity

2)  Promotes mental health

3)  Improves digestion

4)  Improves vigour

5) Improves attention span, memory and learning ability.

6) Reduces temper tantrums , attention deficits and psychosomatic problems 

7)  Prevents recurrence of infectious diseases

8)  Stimulates child’s overall physical development

9)  Helpful in children who have delayed milestones of growth

If given regularly, Suvarnaprasha prevents the occurrence of recurrent diseases in children by boosting their physical & mental immunity which is the need of the hour as we all would agree to the fact that  ‘Prevention  is better than cure’.

Tip : Suvarnaprasha is given on Pushyanakshatra day of every month all over India.