Pollen, Peanuts and soybean are some well-known allergens. But have you ever thought about burgers, kissing, intimacy or pre-menstrual phase?

See the culprits beyond October Heat, Dry winter and Pollution. 


Though primary school going kid will tell you that kissing gives you cooties n pampered feeling, the smooch itself isn't problem. Even after face smacking your partner's saliva might still have traces of something he ate or medicines he took earlier in the day. Though it may not be life threatening allergy so be proactively engage in practices of brushing and rinse.


Though we Indian expect Health and Fitness from sun now a days some people break out in burn or hives just after few minutes outdoors. After they step inside Rash Reduces / vanishes in few hours its called SunBurn or Solar Urtecaria. Though its managed by sun screens but for some people its torturing  demands detox and Rasayan therapy.

Mouth watering Burger

Non-veg like Red meat or any meat demand series of chemicals to preserve n process can lead to Breathing difficulty, skin Rash, vomiting or Diarrhea so rely on home made food. 


Less likely but some evidences have noted the same may be due to Nickel content.

Light Scratch 

Minor itching or scratch cause to swell skin called dermatographia.


Latex Baloon during kids party or Latex Condom during intimacy are found allergic.


After Gym and Your (2-3 days prior ) Menses Vomitting n headache Bloating noted with cases.

All these is sign of ur system got clogged by metabolites and causing issues so plan Authentic and Regullar Detox to enjoy Health And Fitness.