Do you have sweaty hair in the sun? Is maintaining smooth and silky hair in summer an endless problem? Yes, the sunlight comes with its own set of hair troubles. 

Here are a few tips to help you avoid and undo the problems of dandruff, hair fall, dirty, and smelly hair after being out in the sun. 

  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun, cover up your hair with a scarf, dupatta, loose cap,umbrella or hat. Direct exposure to sun rays even for 10 minutes can crack the outer layer of the hair strand, leading to dryness and scalp burns.
  • Use hair sunscreen powder or spray. If unavailable over the counter, make one for yourself. Mix 1-2 teaspoons of body sunscreen cream/lotion In 1 cup of water. Leave it overnight,Then filter the solution to remove the white powdery residue. Pour it in a spray bottle and use as a sunscreen hair spray. Shake well each time before using.
  • One of the best tips is to apply cooling oils for the hair. Coconut oil, lemongrass oil, and tree tea oil all have excellent cooling effects on the scalp.
  • Revitalise your hair using fruit hair masks. Hair masks of fresh fruits like avocado, banana and strawberry have superb natural hair care properties. Apply them twice a week and don't be surprised to find healthy hair growth.
  • Hair rinsing with rose water cools the scalp and acts as a natural perfume for the hair. Get rid of smelly hair and dandruff with rose water, cologne or hair perfumes.
  • Electrical hair products that cause heat damage, such as hair dryers, hair straighter, blowers etc should be avoided during summers.
  • Embarrassed by an itchy scalp? Sweaty scalps can be itchy, so remove excess sweat by wiping it away. Part the hair carefully at various places and use a moist (thoroughly drained)cloth to wipe off the scalp sweat.
  • Use summer friendly hairstyles. High pony-tails and braids prevent sweating at the back of the neck and thus protect the hair. Different buns, knots and up-dos prevent frizzing of hair and maintain healthy ends.
  • Hair combing should be done a minimum of four times a day, as It removes the dust particles. A wide toothed comb should be used before your regular comb.
  • Do not forget the basics. Wash your hair regularly, as dust clings to the sweat and accumulates in the scalp leading to many hair troubles. Use mild shampoos (i.e. the ones free of sulphates and silicones) preferably, to avoid damage to the hair and scalp. Make sure you condition your hair after each wash. However, avoid washing your hair daily, as this removes the naturally protecting oily substance i.e. sebum. This leaves the hair more dry and prone to hair fall. Oil your hair thoroughly from roots to ends before washing.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy healthy, fresh and aromatic hair!