Since evolution, life is an output of the relationship between cause and effect. And stress has always been a part of this output. Nothing can be achieved without dripping off some sweat. Also a pinch of stress called as “eustress” is much needed for a successful outcome.  Earlier days stress was much felt less than today. People could easily handle much of it independently. However, in present scenario, opportunities have become bigger in canvas but life has become more confined. And when one is confined, suffocation or stress or tightness is much experienced than when one is in an open space. And if such stress is unmanageable, for sure sooner or later it will affect our mental health.

Thus, in the concrete jungle, what should we do to manage our stress to work effectively?

  • Increase our social support
  • Alter our lifestyle
  • Discuss our situations with our family and friends
  • Seek professional help for guidance

Remember, stress is much felt when we stop expressing or we press something very hard. Thus sharing helps in venting up the stress and prevents from affecting out mental health which is ultimately very essential for our survival.