Stress is a feeling of being tensed worried. Positive stress or little amount of stress helps to adapt, adjust and motivate our self for a given situation, but a continuous long term stress drains our energy and may lead to disease. 

There are many stress generating situations in life but more stress is created by the perception we hold for that situation.            

Nowadays, all are writing or speaking about diseases but no one is talking in depth about health. We should be healthy to attain all the achievements in life. Stress has an effect on the sympathetic nervous system by which we may experience a pounding heartbeat, increased thirst and frequency of urination during stress. Stress may be a situation that it comes and goes with difficult times. Disease comes when health disturbs and health disturbs when the mind gets disturbed.

When does get the mind get disturbed?

There are many reasons for the mind to get disturbed and the most troubling out of that is stress. Everyone gets stress in life multiple times. It is a part and parcel of life. We meet multiple uncertainties in the day to day life which lead us to emotional tension and continuous tension can lead us to stress.                       

We are going to brief all about stress.

 A man undergoes stress when he meets with future anxiety, family pressure, money issues, marital discords but no one gives attention toward it and lives the life as they are living. Actually, we should have a pause at such moments and try to analyses our self that where I am going wrong, why I am getting worried, what are the most important thing for me, how should I stop being stressed. When the mind is excited too much emotionally, intellect stops acting wisely and then we may land up in problems like indecision, quarrels, loss of sleep and so many other things. There are many widely used methods to tackle such thing at a time like REBT, Meditation, Counseling.               

  • What we have to do is aware of our emotions. Nowadays, stress has been added as a probable cause in many diseases, mostly in psychosomatic diseases, When we get stressed we lose our balance and we get irritated often, we get anxious often and lose our balance state of mind. I have written above that we should understand our self in such a situation -How we should understand?
  • Self-talk is one of the important things to understand when we get stressed. Self-talk is what we talk about our self. it is a continuous process by which we can understand our self in much deeper aspect. Self-talk can help to understand different emotions we pass through in various situations.

Stress is a conglomeration of various emotions with the predominance of anxiety and worry. The earlier we can understand our mental state in a situation then earlier we can come out of it if we cannot understand our reason for being stressed we have difficulty in coming out of stress. So we have tried to brief what is stress, how it generates and how to handle it.