These days we hear almost everybody complain about hair fall/ hair loss. Everybody has his/her own justifications and treatments for the same. But we need to understand that genes play a vital role in loss of hair among men and women both. There are other reasons as well, including, hormonal imbalances, an under active thyroid gland, nutritional deficiencies and insufficient blood circulation in the scalp, etc. which can lead to hair fall.

Here are some secrets which can work like magic tricks to prevent hair loss:

  1. 2 tablespoons of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR when diluted with water and applied on the scalp as conditioner (after shampoo) can be a of a great help
  2. Lack of nutrition to the hair has been often a cause of excessive hair fall and hence, HOT OIL MASSAGE can be very effective to control hair loss. Massage the scalp daily at least for a few minutes with lukewarm oil. You can use any oil that is rich in Vitamin E. Coconut oil, almond oil, mustard oil, olive oil and jojoba oil are the best options in your hand. If you are experiencing hair loss due to dandruff, jojoba oil can be particularly effective. You can also opt for a mixture of all the oils to get the best results.
  3. Vitamin C deficiency can be one of the reasons for unhealthy scalp. INDIAN GOOSEBERRY OR AMLA can be the best remedy for natural hair growth. You may roughly chop 4-5 amlas and add them to a cup of hot coconut oil. Saute it for 3 to 5 minutes on low heat. Strain the oil and store it in a glass container. Massage your hair 3-4 times every week with this mixture.
  4. Include BEET ROOT JUICE in your diet daily for fast and healthy hair growth. This is the finest kitchen remedy as it is rich in phosphorous, calcium, protein, potassium, carbohydrates, Vitamin B and C.
  5. Add vegetables like kelp, nori, dulse, kombu and wakame in your daily diet. These veggies are rich in iodine and can be helpful to ensure the right functioning of the thyroid gland. You also can take 100 mg or 1 ml of the herb bladder wrack (Focus vesiculosus) regularly if the reason of hair fall is HYPOTHYROIDISM.
  6. ALOE VERA is another great kitchen remedy which promotes hair growth and also reduces scalp problems like flaking and itching. The mildly alkaline property of Aloe Vera helps in restoring the natural pH level of the scalp which promotes hair growth. Apply aloe Vera pulp on scalp for 45 minutes to an hour and wash off the hair with plenty of normal water. Follow this treatment for 3-4 times a week for better results.

It is important to remember that treating hair fall takes time. Just make sure that you are having a balanced diet, leading a stress-free life and exercising regularly and following the treatment method.