Sun exposure damages collagen resulting in wrinkles.Use proper sun protection as per your skin type (e.g. dry skin,oily skin,sensitive skin,etc).Avoid sun exposure during mid-day and reflected sunlight from water(sea,swimming pools,etc) and snow.

Smoking causes a narrowing of the blood vessels in the skin leading to slower delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients to the skin.Avoid smoking and keep looking young.

Stress stimulates release of cortisol(stress hormone) in your body which destroy collagen in skin causing wrinkles.Restful sleep and regular exercise reduce stress.

Excess Sugars not only increases weight but also destroys protein which is required for firmness of skin.Avoid processed foods(canned juice ,ketchup,soft drinks,pastries,etc) and sugars (honey,jam,etc).

Lack of sleep not only cause sagging of skin,puffy eyes ,dark circles but also makes your skin wrinkle faster.Less sleep releases more cortisol(stress hormone) and reduce growth hormone(growth hormone makes skin healthy,build muscle mass and makes bone strong).