Being in your early thirties and already spotting grey hair? This is worse than the worst hairfall you have ever suffered, is it? Well, you’re not alone! The statistics say that over half the world’s population in their early thirties and forties start facing hair issues like greying, hairfall and even worse texture of hair! Dermatologists often quote the comfortable urban lifestyle as the reason but how much can we afford to lose it? Afterall convenience is the need! 

We believe you’ve been looking for an easy part of the solution without complicating it more with the cause in the first place. So here we are with three easy natural answers to your grey hair!

Onion Juice As A Scalp Serum!

A grey hair is a sign that your hair follicles aren’t getting enough nutrition and revitalisation as much necessary. Though old school hair oiling works just fine but when you’ve already reached a grey hair stage, we suggest you to go for a natural serum like onion juice. It reaches upto the roots and revitalises your follicles to promote hair growth and improves its texture. With improved nutrition, it even enhances the color of your hair.

Color Your Hair With Natural Dyes!

Get natural as much as you can as this helps you stay closer to nature with a long term health benefit. While your hair is in an early greying stage, you may want to control the damage by putting on some natural dyes to make it look better. Turn to henna powder and strained coffee/tea to add some nice pigment and tinge to your hair. A slight shade of henna never goes out of fashion and is always a refreshing change for your style. Try it out.

Ditch The Shampoo, Use Shikakai and Reetha!

When you’re going all natural, why use the paraben loaded shampoo if at all? We recommend you to wash your hair with a mixture of reetha and shikakai powder to help add a smooth texturing layer of conditioner on your hair. It works wonder.