This invisible health issue is a killer. It is one of the major sources of Heart Attacks and Strokes. The problem with this Heath Hazard is its insidious secretive nature. Many people who have high blood pressure never feel anything. Therefore it is important one gets it checked once in a while. If not then buy your own BP measuring gadget. Read what is Blood Pressure all about. In Simple terms, Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on arteries. You may have probably heard about 80/120 as your blood pressure. That is the baseline for you to start with. Blood Pressure keeps on fluctuating throughout the day because of different level of activity we may indulge in, coffee intake, stress, and numerous other factors. 

The BP Chart

Every 6th person in the world who has High Blood Pressure is an Indian.

1. One of the easiest ways to optimise your Blood Pressure is weight reduction. When the body becomes heavier than normal; the first parameter that will indicate your poor health is High Blood Pressure.  So if you are overweight; ensure you are getting your BP checked on regular basis. Don't delay as it can have tragic consequences. 

2. The other easy modification to control your blood pressure is Salt (Sodium) intake. Eating a very low salt diet will lower your blood pressure. Salt is in food that is available in Jars and Bottles. So please have a look at the label before you reach out to your next bite. Potassium as a substitute is good. Eat food rich in Potassium. 

The Invisible Salt is in every processed food

3. Motion is Lotion Get up from Chair and walk briskly all over your workplace. Even to the bathroom. Gossiping will feel better while walking instead of standing still. 30 Minute of brisk walking can do wonders and it can be spread throughout the day. 

4. Relax and enjoy your weekends. There is a purpose you get a weekend. Rejuvenate yourself. Cut off from your daily grind. Get involved in Music, Gardening or  Sports. Don't be an SSCP (Saturday Sunday ) Couch Potato. Resting on Sofa does not amount to an exciting weekend. 

Earl Wilson-Athlete

5. There is probably one number you need to understand; Its BMI -Body Mass Index. BMI measurement is easy and you can do it at your home. Its a good indicator of how you are doing. Its an efficient indicator of your weight. 

6. Laughter is the best medicine so spend some time cracking jokes every day. 

7. Kidneys help to control your blood pressure by controlling the amount of fluid stored in your body. Always stay hydrated. Don't over drink water. If you have been drinking less amount of water then gradually increase the water intake

The Symptoms of Hypertension

‘Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.’ - Emile Coue, French psychotherapist