3 healthy ways to have a healthy gums:

  1. Daily therapy
  2. Weekly once therapy
  3. Six month once therapy

Daily therapy: 

  • Brushing and flossing - its a daily morning action we do in routine. Use soft bristles and do flossing.
  • Oil puling - It  is effective when it is done before brushing, this not only strengthens your gums but also give refreshment to the body, heat body will get cool down, and also removes morning halotosis.
  • Warm saline gargle - this has anti-bacterial action and also clears sore throat and common cold problems.
  • Healthy fruits,foods and vegetable - vitamin c is rich in protein collagen formation which strengthens the gums hence these will be healthy to develop the strength of the gums.

Weekly once therapy:

  • Use cholorohexidine mouth wash
  • Chew a neem stick for brushing.
  • Chew a guava leaves for sensitivity.
  • Use chewing gums.

Six month once therapy:

  • Visit dentist for regular check up.
  • Do a professional scaling, polishing and fluoride application.

Health is wealth. Take care of your health, start it from you, from your home itself.