The inability to attain an erection or sustain it throughout the duration of intercourse or a sexual activity is defined as erectile dysfunction. This might happen once in a while, which is completely normal.But if the problem persists for a substantial period of time then medical attention is required as there might be some underlying medical condition that is causing the ED. Talking about issues related to sexual health might be considered as taboo, especially if you are talking about the inability to attain an erection.But with the medical research developing in the arenas of sexual health, it is now comparatively easy to talk to your doctors. Start with talking to your general physician who will then recommend you to a urologist or a sexual health expert.

Treatment and causes

There are pills which claim to give you an erection when you take them 10-15 minutes before the intercourse or the sexual activity. However, the side effects of such pills weigh much more than the benefits. These might cause heart diseases and even heart attack. The erection at times lasts for 4-5 hours, you may experience painful urination and a bloody discharge which will require immediate medical attention.

There is no particular cause that is reason behind ED, however some pre-existing medical conditions can be the reason. Physical health conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, clogged arteries or diseases which affect the nervous system like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s might be the reason behind ED. Once your doctor points out the cause, you will be recommended lifestyle changes like exercising regularly, eating healthy,regularly following up with your doctor, cutting the consumption of alcohol and stopping the use of tobacco and any illegal drugs.

Lifestyle changes might seem small; you may even feel like they are of no help but in the long run you will feel the change and the benefits. The key is to stick to a healthy lifestyle as it can prevent many sexual or physical health problem and ultimately give you a mentally satisfied life.