Few days back i was watching an advertisement on television about OLX. In that advertisement one lady was looking for any sofa or bed to buy as she was frustrated with the habit of snoring of her husband. Jokes apart the question arises here is, Is snoring is really troublesome? Lets see few real life examples:

1) Rahul (name changed) 22 year old smart engineering student. He used to be very strong academically and good in other activities too. But since last few days he seemed to be lost somewhere. Not able to concentrate on his studies and his projects. What was the reason? The reason was his snoring habit. Because of his snoring, no one from his batch was ready to share a room with him and his batchmates used to make fun of his snoring habit. He is now under depression and is currently undergoing a psychiatric treatment.

2) Mrs Joshi (name changed) is a housewife who belongs to a high class society. She is a bit overweight and of a short stature. When she arrived at my clinic, she was tense. According to her, she has left watching movies in a theater as she goes to sleep as soon as she enters the A.C theater and starts snoring. People sitting nearby used to get disturbed and it used to put her in an embarrassing situation. She also started avoiding staying at her relative's house because of this habit. Her social life is completely disturbed.

3) Mr Shinde (name again changed) is a worker in a factory. He is also a regular snorer, and because of this habit he cannot complete his sleep and has started deteriorating in his performance. He started making simple mistakes, used to doze in meetings and once he was about to encounter an accident.

In all three above examples the patients (yes they all are patients) belong to different age groups, different working environments and different financial cader but thy all have one thing in common - SNORING. This habit of snoring has disturbed their personal life and social life. So how can snoring be just a habit? Nope its a disease as it has many effects on your body and mind.