Parents using smartphone may not experience much harm but your little ones are prone to serious consequences which anyone rarely tells you. Read on... (Early myopia, crossed eye, dry eyes, attention deficit, aggressive behavior, poor concentration and of course obesity leading to diabetes later are consequences)

  • Many eye surgeons believe that heavy computer( smartphone is even worse) use among children puts them at risk for early MYOPIA. Haven't you seen today's generation wearing more specs than ever before? Remember Lasik lasers for eyeglass removal is not as safe as it is made out to be.
  • Symptoms of DRY EYE disease were more common in children who spent more time on smartphones and less time outdoors than other young people. Staring at smartphones, computers and other screens has been linked to reduced blinking, which can lead to faster evaporation of the tear film and increase the risk of dry-eye disease, it's a most common problem among IT professionals and now it's  affecting children who are  just 10 years old.Smartphones also have a short watching distance due to their small screens that can tire the eyes.Can you afford burning eyes in your child where the tear glands have stopped tear production and needs lifelong lubricating eye drops? 
  • Excessive smartphone use may lead to a rare form of strabismus, or "CROSSED EYES," known as acute acquired comitant esotropia (AACE). Strabismus most often appears in infancy, but sometimes kids develop it suddenly.
  • Computer use demands fine motor skills from young eyes that are not well developed. Only when the visual system matures is a child better able to handle the stress of a computer on that system. Remember brain and eyes are linked , a poor reception by eyes leads to poor mental development

What to do now?

1) Push your child to play outdoor sports( must)

2) Before starting school eyes must be checked by an experienced doctor, serious eye problem if found early can save your child vision.

3) Please limit the smartphone exposure of your child. Their eyes are not same as yours. Their brain development is also incomplete and eyes play a major role in development of brain.

4)Encourage kids to take 20-second breaks from the computer every 20 minutes to minimize the development of eye focusing problems and eye irritation. (Some eye doctors call this the "20-20 rule.")

5)Check the ergonomics of the workstation. For young and small children, make sure the computer workstation is adjusted to their body size. The recommended distance between the monitor and the eye for children is 18 to 28 inches. Viewing the computer screen closer than 18 inches can strain the eyes.  For smartphone, the answer is complete avoidance. Smartphone is causing much more harm than desktop due to its small screen size.