As most of us would agree, Whatsapp was the best thing that happened to us along with Smartphones and instant messaging. However, as it goes, all beautiful things have a dark side. Over the years, Whatsapp has evolved to becoming a place that fosters a lot of randomness. Here's a few ways in which this randomness ruined our lives.

1. One Status, a thousand questions
One change in somebody's status starts messing with your head and leaves you wondering if it's dedicated to you or to someone else! Hence starts the endless web of your minds assumptions.

2. Online? Last seen?
God save you if you're online and choose not reply to someone. A million pings are in order. The update where you could hide your last seen came too late and was too useless. Relationships had broken already.

3. Random Groups
You scarcely know 2-3 people in the group, never reply and get 800 notifications a day that you don't even skim through. But, there is immense social danger and disrespect to the admin if you should choose to exit the group.

4. Picture perfect
This is when your profile photo does the talking. Who's hugging her in the DP? Are they dating? Who's that girl?

5. Short-lived peace
Also called blocking, this feature makes life easier for a short while before the blocked person starts texting you from other phones.

6. Blonde moments
This is when you type and send a long important message and realize that you've sent it in the wrong window and were randomly waiting for a reply. Voila!

7. Sneak peak
Public transport and talking dirty to your date for night on Whatsapp don't go well together. The aunty sitting next to you has read your private conversation and is going to repeat it verbatim to another aunty after you get off, while both of them will probably judge you.

8. Nostalgia
The feature that enables you to email conversations is the worst! All those mushy chats you had with your ex are now in your inbox, waiting to be re-read as you shed an extra bucket of tears.

9. RIP Spellings and Grammar
This bug of SMS language caught on when an SMS has limited characters. However, even with unlimited free messaging, nobody gave up on it. Typing 'lyk dis' ruined English for an entire generation.

Its on you all individually to decide, what you want the smartphone to be, a curse to your relationship or work or peace of mind ki its a blessing so you can have few social moments and stay connected. And, truth be told I have just touched one feature of smartphone . Just Think.........?

We as doctors already treat many Addictions, might well add the latest fad of smartphone addictions, also. we would Tackle...But Do you all wanna be Salve to Such Additions... Just Give A Thought ?