Are we too fast?!!

Yes! We are! We are on a marathon run but at a speed required for 100 mt running race.

What do I mean by a marathon run at a speed required for 100 mt running race? Let me explain. Now, imagine for a moment that you are on a marathon run. You know your destiny. You start to run to reach your destination. But the irony is you are running at a speed that is required for a 100 mt running race. Very fast!  

Majority of us are like this. 

Are we going to last long? 

Something to think about and reflect on! Isn’t it?

Yes! You judged me right. I’ am not just talking about the imaginary marathon run but definitely about life which we are living with both realistic or unrealistic imaginations, assumptions, expectations and hopes. 

I think we all agree to the fact that we are trying to speed up in every inch of our lives. Be it education, financial growth, getting into and away from relationships, convincing and utilizing people, shifting from one job to another, liking and disliking people, things, ideas, concepts and so on and so forth. The list never ends. 

We are also very fast in reacting to situations. Yes! Reacting and not responding to them. Be it, reacting on ourselves or on others. Over the years we are somehow forgetting to reflect and respond. 

Come to food. We have time neither to cook nor to eat at regular timings. Forget about relishing every bite of it and being thankful about it. 

Where are we all heading? Do we really know our destination? Also, isn’t journey towards destination equally important and enriching?  

What has made us so egoistic and competitive? Is this kind of competition really worth it?

What is the reason for being impatient? Or has ‘impatience’ become a part of our personality?

Who are we trying to prove ourselves to? Have we proven ourselves to our SELF? 

Do we really know our self having spent our entire life with ourselves?

Are we joyous or are we spending our life being jealous?

Are we healthy or are we okay to live and die diseased?

Aren’t we focusing only upon instant gratification?

These questions must be answered. Let us all take time to answer these questions and to promise ourselves to answer it honestly. 

Speed is actually the ‘stress’ experienced by the body and the mind percolating to each cell and impacting them in it's own way. It lives us diseased both in the body and in the mind. 

Time endures every second of it. Similarly the time that we have in this life is all about cherishing every moment of it as it is diversely beautiful. And this beauty can be experienced by being mindful and aware about everything that we encounter. Spending time with our self is the most important thing. Yoga, art, gardening, dance, music, books, sports and many such activities will help us be aware. They will help you enhance your mind and be de-stressed. It will help us improve our health and well-being. 

Let’s see if we can cherish our life and live it fully rather than just surviving through it. Let’s see if we can finish our marathon run being happy about it rather than being fatigued about it unnecessarily. Because life like marathon run requires strength and stamina of the body and the mind and not just the speed. 

Heaven is just here. Around us and within us. Let's live life here.