Entire world is struggling for losing weight spending hours in gym and starving, but then there are SKINNY PEOPLE- who are naturally blessed with a slim and enviable body. And they can almost eat entire universe but they still won’t be fat. But being Skinny and not gaining any weight doesn’t mean that you are healthy; proteins, fat, carbohydrates, fiber and micronutrients are all important molecules for building us. And here are a few battles that every skinny person faces in his/her everyday life.

  • COMMENTS: You are almost welcomed at every corner of earth with these comments. “Sukhey papad”, “Abbey Single Haddi”, “Ae Cloth Hanger” and many more.
  • CHOOSING CLOTHES: You visit a mall, almost check every corner, every brand but end up buying clothes from Kid’s section.
  • FOOD: Everyone thinks you are skinny so you have low appetite and just steals the food from your plate.
  • SITTING SOMEWHERE: “Arrey tu toh phas hi jayega yahan” Every mass on the earth needs a space, but other people assume skinny people to be “aladin ginn” and try to adjust you even in most packed places.
  • WEIGHING MACHINES: Even weighing machines trolls you saying, “you need to put on some weight for getting output”.
  • ASSUMING WEAK: “Stick to some pilar saath hi na ud jana khin” When you stand in front of a fan this is the most irritating dialogue you will be complimented with. “Rehne de tujhse na ho payega” for sure you will hear these lines while trying to pull a heavu luggage or doing some work.
  • what should you do? six tips:
  • add good fats to your plate, Peanut butter, almond butter. You can have fat but it doesn’t mean you can have all the fried foods.
  • Add Honey, jaggery, maple syrup to your sugar part.
  • Eat more carbohydrates, like brown rice.
  • Don’t ignore micronutrients like zinc, copper, Magnesium, iodine, vitamins, Potassium you can have cashew, eggs, yogurt, spinach and potatoes in your diet for covering this portion.
  • Protein intake should be 2g/kg of your body weight. For example you can have Tofu, eggs and Soyamilk.
  • Should eat almonds and seeds, oils with good fat in your diet.

you shouldn’t feel ashamed of your body be confident and live more happily. and now the good news, dietitian shreya brings you healthy and metabolism based diet plan which will for sure, bring you freedom from these struggles.