A sex therapist is a professional individual who solves all the sexual problems that you usually do not discuss with any other doctor. There are a few people who find it very embarrassing to discuss their sexual problems with their respective doctors. There are also a lot of people who find it very difficult to come to terms with the fact that they are going to see a doctor to sort out sexual problems.

How do you know it is the time for you to consult a sexologist? Here are the signs that prove that you need to fix an appointment with a sexologist:

1. You are not able to satisfy your partner in bed. You have been trying to put your best effort in order to give everything that your partner wants, however, he/she doesn’t feel satisfied with you. In this case, you must see a sexologist at once.

2. You are unsatisfied with your own performance in bed. There are the times when even your partner wouldn’t tell you that he/she didn’t feel satisfied with you. However, you get the feeling yourself. If this is been happening with you, you need to consult a sexologist to address the problem.

3. You are neither interested in giving or take in bed. Making love to your partner is the most beautiful and wildest thing that you would ever want to go through. However, there are a few people who usually seem disinterested in maintaining this physical bond.

4. Sex doesn’t excite you anymore. Despite all the hard efforts made by your partner, you do not feel excited or happy about the idea of having sex.

5. Sexual activities have become quite painful for you. If you hate the idea of making love because it is painful for you, you require to get treated for the same.

If you have been experiencing all these problems lately, you need to consult a sexologist right away.