Supplements for bodybuilding are called dietary supplements used by people deficient of a certain nutrient in the body or for building body or to balance the body nutrition for higher fitness levels. Supplements could be for building muscles, mass gain, vitamins and minerals, amino acids etc. Supplements are also used to accelerate metabolism to gain fitness. 

As more people are gearing towards getting a fit body they are considering adding supplements to their diet. People looking to build body are looking out for whey protein to build muscle fiber, mass gainer to gain mass and increase weight, fish oil tablets for vegetarians deficit of omega fatty acids, calcium supplements to add on to their natural dairy intake that is not sufficient to meet the daily dietary requirement. There are various supplements which could be beneficial as well as have side effects if taken without consultation from doctors. 

Consuming supplements also depend on what your objective is. If you take creatine supplements which will provides ample of energy. If you don’t hit a gym or utilize the energy it gets wasted and in a long term has effects on your health. People generally consume supplements without guidance and knowing how much is required for the body which could increase the concentration of the supplements in the body showing some repercussions later. 

Few people are also taking supplements as a substitute for a natural diet without professional guidance. Natural sources of nutrition are very different from the artificial sources like supplements. The Body is able to digest and absorb the natural foods better and more effectively than the alternate sources. Besides natural food have a lot of therapeutic qualities that while nourishing the body also help build immunity to diseases.Supplements come at a price and cost much more than the natural diet. Consuming supplements add an extra monetary burden which you could utilize for other natural foods. Few people continue consuming supplements when they have no objective like body building or athletic performance which is just a waste and benefits none.