Whey Protein is the latest buzzword in Indian fitness. But many people wonder if whey protein is a safe supplement? Read on to find out all about whey protein.

How whey protein is made? 

Whey protein is a natural component of milk, so it comes from a natural source of cow’s milk. It is a byproduct of cheese making process.

Why is whey protein good for the body? 

Whey protein is easily digested and easily absorbed by the body, and is the best source for muscle growth and repair. In fact, whey protein has been around for a long time. Whey protein is even used in Indian nutritional drinks for children, like Bournvita and Complan.

Can we consume any whey protein? 

No, ensure that you are getting high quality whey protein. To ensure that your whey protein is safe and high quality, there are 2 ways: the first is to go for a popular international supplement brand. The second is to look at the ingredients.

We only recommend international brands of whey protein, since Indian protein supplement manufacturers are yet to produce a high quality & an equally good tasting whey protein supplement.

Then, look at the ingredients, because some manufacturers will have a big ‘whey protein’ printed on the box, but whey protein will only be a part of the protein supplement. The remaining supplement is usually cheaper protein from plant sources (non whey protein), that is not effective for muscle building. Read to know more about muscle building food.As a result, you will not get the results, and due to lower quality protein, it puts you at risk of side effects. This is a practice of many local whey protein brands in India. Always go for a 100% whey protein supplement.

So, how do you ensure you get high quality whey protein? Buy from internationally reputed brands. Also, when you buy whey protein, buy from a proper source, like a reliable whey protein supplement store, not the local supplement peddler. Peddlers often buy empty boxes of supplements and fill them with low quality protein.