Scientific Baldness Treatment Methodology

The problem of baldness or partial baldness is very prominent among the males and females. It doesn't matter which age group they belong, due to some reasons their hairs starts to fall. In the medical science, very interring and permanent solution for baldness cure has been developed. The hair transplant is the term used for medically aided baldness treatment.

In this baldness treatment, healthy and fertile hair from the backside of the head is transplanted to the bald area. This surgery has numerous benefits and can be categorised as a permanent solution. So, if you are suffering from the problem of baldness and planning to undertake baldness treatment. Then, you need to first understand that whether you are capable of hair transplant or not.

To understand that whether you should take medically aided baldness treatment or not, you need to consult dermatologist firstly. Who will examine your facial dimensions, the colour of skin and hair, the growth of hair, etc features? Only after that, you can go through baldness treatment. Let's talk about the four factors that you should consider before the baldness treatment surgery.

The Four Consideration Points Before Undertaking Baldness Treatment:

1. Your Expectations

The foremost you need to clarify that what are you expecting from the baldness treatment. Because the outcome of every hair transplant surgery is different. If you have a minimal amount of baldness, then you can expect more prominent and better results. But, if you have the large bald area, then this is highly possible that you would not get expected result in the first time. You may have to take more than one surgery to grow dense hairs. So, keep your expectations straight.

2. Age

Your age is also a major factor to consider before baldness treatment. As in male baldness pattern, the number of hair loss increases with the age. So, chances of baldness increase with your age, that's why the right time for hair transplant treatment is considered above 25 years. As the fertile hair is still quite active and it's easy to grow hair in early stages.

3. The texture of Hair

The thickness, density, and texture of your hairs play a very crucial role in baldness treatment. It is proven that thick, curly and coarse hair comes out better after the surgery. Whereas fine hairs required more sessions and time to get desired results. That's why to take the texture of your hair into consideration as that can change the whole procedure.

4. Hair and Skin Colour

The colour of your hair and scalp can determine your looks after surgery. If your hair colour and skin colour doesn't match with each other, then it became very difficult to prevent the reality of hair transplant. As different colours can easily tell the tale of your dense hairs. So, if you don't want to reveal the truth of your hair growth, then make sure to cover this fact. 


Well, these four points are highly important, but in some cases, the aesthetic part should put into consideration also. After all, someone’s hair is often the first thing we notice when we meet someone and you want your hair to look healthy, natural and at its best. So, make sure to cover all points before baldness treatment.