Indians have gained millions of extra pounds. Sorry. That should be billions of pounds. There is an obesity explosion. 

The average per annum weight increase in the 20+ age group in Metros and Cities has jumped manifolds. And if we reflect sincerely we will have the answer to this epidemic like a problem.  Look around, the people who come and work for us and provide us various services and then look at Rural India. Weight Gain and Skin issues are minimal in Rural India. This is because rural India knew all this while that if one continues to "use our bodies" the chances of it wasting away or catching disease are very minimal. They get up early, don't eat Pancakes !! 

So weight loss is not about losing weight its about losing the lifestyle that got Metro men and women there. Maybe it's time to adopt the lifestyle that our ancestors followed. Being overweight is detrimental and it causes individuals to be more prone to Kidney failure, heart failures, Diabetes and other diseases.  

Let's understand what is this lifestyle that one needs to shed:

  • Shed Stress: Now If you are working anywhere long hours add to the stress, shift time adds to stress and then individuals living in Cities engage in Binge eating. Uncontrollable eating needs to be shed. This will solve 70% of your problem. They say health starts from Kitchen. Do you know that if the weight goes down the stress also goes down and if stress reduces the weight reduces? Both are dependent on each other. 
  • Shed Bollywood Dreams: We need to get into Healthy living and hence shed the dream of looking like Bollywood stars. Let's be practical. and not weigh us down with goals that are impossible to achieve. We need to stay functional and not become models.
  • Shed Being a Couch Potato: Instead just focus on 30-45 minutes of using the body by way of household work, Volunteer Work,  Brisk Walking, dancing or some Physical exertion.  Start slow and increase intensity within 2-3 months. Don't do this recklessly. When was the last time you became breathless due to Physical Exertion? Physical exertion releases Happy Hormones. It is an amazing feeling. The optimism and singing of a song after the workout. Try it. 
  • Shed Alcohol: Adopt water. Only 3-4 litres a day. When you are physically active the thirst level will be very high throughout the day. 
  • Shed Overeating: Is this overeating driven by some fear that food shortage lies ahead? Not really. It is because most of us are blissfully unaware of what we eat. Those who have succumbed to food are spending billions of monies towards Medicine. Remember- for a 20+year-old overeating is SELF BETRAYAL. Choose Mind over Mouth and add some Exercise. Good Luck with Clean Eating.
  • Shed Carbohydrate: Instead, adopt  Banana and Tomato as substitutes. Shed processed sugar. 

In short, the City and Metro Life, Food and Habits are not tailored for Optimum Lifestyle. But we need to make a change to protect our Families and ourselves from this vicious trap. 

Life is Long and Willpower is Short. May God give you the strength to make this change.