Dear Colleagues, please make it a habit to get ultrasound abdomen done on every woman reporting to you with vague pain abdomen and during pregnancy also while you send the woman for ultrasound examination to detect congenital defects in the baby.

Do Not Let Any Woman Suffer in Silence with acute pain abdomen for 5 years plus during late seventies and early eighties when ultrasound machine was just 1 in entire Delhi managed by a UK returned doctor ,who had PROs to visit hospitals looking for women wanting to get selective abortions , killing female fetuses detected on ultrasound. He had a monoply ,lived in a posh farm house with every gadget imported from UK along with ultrasound machine.

I am not bitter or a cynic to feel jealous.

PNDT act was introduced in 1994 & we have no data about Numbers of female fetuses killed in Delhi ,as it was Free for all after paying a reasonable amount of money to the Ultrasound doctor and to the doctor at Nursing home to carry out advanced abortions to kill females.

It was a Chance detection of gall stones for this woman who would have otherwise died due to complications of a gall bladder disease. She had lost appetite, was running low grade fever , had pain after eating little food, had pimples on face indicating high levels of Cholesterol in blood due to failing liver & on top of that she was given Anti TB treatment by an MD quack for 10 months ( because every quack gives anti TB treatment to every person suffering from low grade fever with no appetite)

This woman was diagnosed with innumerable gall stones , beyond count when she was taken to ultrasound doctor to get a test for sex determination after 5th pregnancy in a row bearing girls only with 3 girls alive.

She was carrying another female fetus - 6th one in a row and MTP was carried out in best nursing home as a Show off being Cared despite bearing daughters only !

Gall bladder is a pear shaped reservoir of bile digestive juices ,made by liver but secreted by pipes into the food pipe to make food soft and easy to digest during the churning process carried out in the stomach for 4 hours , the food stays here to be passed on further in the food pipe for absorption of important ingredients.

In general in Affects women who are 





But that was long time ago , these days we come across women during thirties ,because of high intake of Estrogen hormones through pills ( this is pregnancy hormone too )

Get Every woman investigated by Ultarsound and say Thanks to advanced Technology, because if detected early , treatment is Simple operation by Key hole Surgery !

People do ask for alternatives to operation and Fear factor regarding surgery is Genuine.

There are medicines, there are Shock wave treatments but They are Not Effective.

One can live for years Minus a gall bladder with little restrictions on food like avoiding fats ( which all of should do to remain healthy ) & No Fast or Feast !

If a senior visits us with gall stone of size of a rice but no symptoms , she can be advised surgery later in case she starts getting symptoms like pain in upper central abdomen rather too often , or she shows signs of liver being affected by symptoms like no appetite / jaundice

Multiple Stones in gall bladder May Require conventional Surgery in place of Key Hole Surgery,because it is Stuck due to Huge size !

A single stone , size of a pea can get obstructed in pipe carrying juice to stomach-Bile duct And it is an Emergency.

What happens if a woman with Multiple Stones does not get Operated at all 

She can get Chronic infection in gall bladder / Pancreas & both can be as fatal as Cancer of Gall Bladder ( 10% cases of untreated gall stones do get CA GB)

As a Routine Every pregnant Woman should be advised ultrasound of upper abdomen along with lower abdomen.

We do chance upon stones in kidneys and gall bladders , for which all through pregnancy only counselling about diet can be given.

No Surgery is possible during Pregnancy for GB stones or Shock wave therapies for Kidney stones.

And do get woman tested for Liver Function Tests- If Liver enzymes are High, it indicates low functions of liver & if Alkaline Phosphatase is High , it indicates Obstruction in bile duct.

And if Cholesterol is 600 , it shows for sure a mal functioning Liver And Tell the Fertile woman- Enough is Enough .No More Selective MTPs to get that Coveted Male Heir.

Take Care of the Living tiny little Females with full Dedication as if every day is a Ritual to Worship The Goddesses Incarnations in Human Form.