You see a person, your sight falls on the most prominent part of the face i.e, 'NOSE'. Beautiful nose had always been attraction for the persons.     what is the beautiful nose? It is different  with every race, region and country.  VIZ. Africans, caucasians and yellow races has different parameters . It may deformed due to trauma or developmental.  Whatever the cause may , if nose is deformed , and it's shape is not liked by individual, which might be affecting his/her psychology, may be causing depression and hindering his/her carrier growth . 

 There are many types of deformities in nose which need correction:

• Hump
• Saddle
• Crooked
• Broad
• Short
• Flaring
• Congenital agenesis or defect• traumatic defect of nose
 Weakness or asymmetrical defect affecting the Normal nasal function.These needs rhinoplasty.
 What is Rhinoplasty ?--'Surgical Balancing  the External framework of nose in proportion with Facial configuration,maintaining / correcting it’s physiology,without compromising the ethnicity and identity of individual is RHINOPLASTY.

Practically all the deformities can be corrected without giving any scar over the nose/face.