How semen collection and analysis is done? 

The easiest and the most commonly used method is masturbation. You should collect it in the laboratory in a room with adequate privacy and comfort. Of course, for most of the men, it seems awkward to collect semen in unfamiliar environment, away from home. Usually most laboratories provide a separate room where you can bring your partner with you.

Is any preparation required?

Please maintain abstinence for 3 to 5 days (not more than 5, not less than 3). That means you should avoid intercourse and masturbation for 3-5 days prior to the test. This is because, both long term (more than a week) and short (less than 2 days) period of abstinence can lead to false results regarding quality and quantity of the sperms.

Get relaxed. Wash your hands properly before the collection. It's important to collect all the semen in the collection pot and not to spill a portion outside

Do not hesitate to tell your doctor if you feel any problem.

If a person feels ashamed to collect sperms in the laboratory, what should he do?

This is particularly embarrassing for many men, if you are doing the test for the first time. But remember, this is a commonly performed test in the laboratory. 

  • Try to get relaxed. Some men cannot collect semen, just because of mental stress. Avoidance of stress and counselling help many men to overcome this problem.
  • If your problem during collection is because of problems in erection, some medicine is given to improve your erection. 
  • If you have erection but are unable to ejaculate, Vibro-ejaculator (see below) can help you.

A man tried but could not collect sperms in the laboratory. What should he do? 

It's preferable to collect semen in the laboratory. But if it’s not possible, you can collect it at home. In that case, you must carry it in the pocket of your trousers and must reach the laboratory within 30 minutes of collection. Please inform the laboratory about the timing of collection. 

If a man is not habituated to the masturbation, what should he do?

Do not worry. Some men may have this problem. 

The options include

  • Vibro-ejaculator- a small device applied on the front part of the penis ("Glans Penis") to stimulate the organ to discharge the semen. 
  • Non-Toxic Condom-rubbing the penis against special condom (not ordinary condom).
  • Intercourse- Some men feel comfortable to practise coitus interruptus (withdrawing the penis just before ejaculation) using non-toxic condom. 

If a man cannot ejaculate even during intercourse, what are the options?

Please inform your doctor. The problem may be due to some previous surgery, neurological problems, spinal cord injury, diseases of prostate or problems since birth. The following methods are useful, not only for testing sperms, but can also freeze the sperms for future treatment, if required.

  • Non-toxic condom- If you have nocturnal emission (“Night fall”) you can use this condom over penis while sleeping and collect the semen and carry it to the laboratory. However, all the parameters cannot be tested because of delay in transport.
  • Vibro-ejaculator- can help in many cases
  • Testing urine-In few men, the problem may be retrograde ejaculation (Semen going into bladder instead of moving forward). In that case, sperms can be collected from the urine immediately after masturbation.
  • Prostatic message- If urine test shows no sperms, your doctor can insert lubricated gloved fingers inside your anus to massage your prostate gland, that can help some men to ejaculate.
  • Electroejaculation- If prostatic message also fails, your prostate gland can be stimulated using a small probe inserted through the anus under general anaesthesia.
  • Testicular biopsy- If all of the above method fails, needle can be inserted inside the testes to check whether sperms are produced inside. If that fails, small cut is given in an attempt to collect the sperms from the testes.

Finally, problem during semen collection is common and many men face it. Fortunately, most of them can overcome this embarrassment by themselves. If you feel any problem, do not hesitate to tell your doctor.