Headache is a common and frustrating problem in children and adolescents. They are generally not serious. However, headaches that occur more often  can be upsetting and may begin to worry you. The most common headaches for teenagers are tension headaches and migraines.

Tension headaches are common and are not associated with vomiting or visual changes. They are usually described as dull and steady, do not get better with sleep and are generally triggered by stress.

Migraine headaches are usually on one side, with pulsing or throbbing pain. It is associated with symptoms like an aura (visual or sensory changes that happen just before the headache starts, visual changes, nausea vomiting.

Psychogenic - are less common.  their cause is an emotional problem such as depression.

Some other causes in children are taking artificial sweeteners, chocolate, caffeine, flashing lights, loud noises, not enough sleep, too much stress, and missing meals when the headache started.


A complete detail history of patient is necessary to find out core medicine like how long it lasted, which part of their head hurt, if there were any other symptoms, how bad it was, what seemed to trigger it what, if anything helped it to go away, the time they went to bed the night before, what time the headache stopped, if they missed any school because of the headache and other symptoms. Some of the main medicines for homoeopathy are like belladonna, bryonia, spigelia, sangunaria, iris, gelsemium and pulsatilla. However, all of these depend upon the symptoms of the patient.