We have been gifted the most hi-tech super-duper computerized self-healing body, which runs automatically on the remote control of our thoughts.

When you decide to go to market, you reach there automatically. You need not give separate orders to your hands or legs or eyes what to do. You need not think about the millions of the activities your body and mind have to do for taking you to the market.

In fact you don’t need to think what your heart rate or respiratory  rate should be at different times of the day. You need not know what is to be absorbed from the food you ate.

You will get the signal of fatigue by yawning or signal of hunger by cramps in the abdomen even if you neglect fatigue or hunger.

In essence your mind and body always work automatically for the body to remain in proper condition while it works.

The only responsibility a human has to think properly.

If the thinking is not rational, stress-anxiety-depression will result. If thinking is rational peace will prevail.

There is no point to try to turn your car tyres manually. Use of steering wheel is the smart way to do it.

There is no point to get any work done by your body from that particular part. Use of the brain and mind is the smart way.

If you want to lose weight, blind exercise and dieting is not the proper way. Understanding the brain’s strategy towards maintenance of the weight is the first step.

Start knowing your body, brain, mind and soul. Don’t rely on newspapers. When they want to sell goat, they will publish a study stating that red meat is good for health. When they want to sell chicken, they will publish a study stating that white meat is good for health.   

Knowledge is the only way towards salvation. Salvation means, ‘the realization of the supremacy of infinite mind over all’, ‘preservation from destruction and failure’, ‘deliverance from danger or difficulty’.