Protect your eyes this holi

Play safe and joyous holi

Reason for eye infection during Holi:

  • Since synthetic colours that are being used in Holi may contain heavy metals like lead which can cause pink eye, corneal abrasion, chemical burn, or blunt eye injury so try to avoid such colours altogether
  • Green synthetic colours of Holi are known for causing fleeting blindness which is a phenomenon of sudden vision loss
  • Wherever possible try to avoid water balloons as these can cause blunt eye injury
  • You may have observed shining mica particles in red colour but these are really harmful since they can cause damage to the cornea
  • Try not to wear contact lenses as colour may get trapped between lens resulting in infection

Eyes need extra care during Holi:

  • Always try to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses or protective eyewear during Holi
  • Fasten or tie your hair together by using a cap to prevent colour dripping into the eyes
  • In order to ensure adequate eye care, never rub your eyes if in case colours enter into them as this may cause irritation or vision loss
  • It is always advisable to apply thick layers of coconut oil around your eyes. This would allow you to easily remove the colour with ease without any harm to the eyes
  • While you enjoy playing with colours always try to request the person to not to smear the colours anywhere near the eyes

Tips to play safe Holi:

  • It is always best to avoid using toxic colour especially on children
  • While taking a bath and washing off the colour use lukewarm water. Keep your eyes tightly closed while you wash your hair and face
  • Wherever possible do try to avoid using dark colours as they have a tendency to stick to the skin and are much harder to remove
  • Always, apply adequate cream or oil before you venture out for Holi
  • You may want to keep anti allergic tablets handy. Avoid playing Holi if you are prone to any skin allergy
  • Never run on wet floors otherwise you can injure yourself
  • Try making your own colours out by using natural products like besan, palak (spinach), rose petals and certain flowers. This encourages adequate eye care while playing with colours on Holi.