How incredible it is to be able to be able to conceive and create a life within yourself? Isn’t motherhood the most delicate yet content feeling in the world? We agree! And though we celebrate your conception with an excitement, we are primarily here to help you get an insight on how to master the best care for your baby and yourself. Afterall, a healthy foundation for a healthy family is what we have always laid our beliefs in. In this edition, we bust a few myths you might have around physical exercise and movements with an exclusive insight into Yoga Asanas for Pre-Natal Care and Pregnancy!

Myths Around Yoga And Pregnancy : Do(s) and Don’t(s)With everyone hovering around you on your big news, there may be a selective group of people who care and worry for your health a little beyond the line. Tons of advisories and a plethora of tips - it becomes a little tiring to follow everyone and everything without being able to verify and process each set of information made available on your platter. Here are a few do(s) and don’t(s) with a set of presumptuous myths.

  • Physical Stretching Can Leave A Negative Impact On Your Bump - While too much stretching may tire you out, there’s a little scope of any harm to be done if you resort to Yoga under a registered trainer. You can look for a few pregnancy friendly yoga-stretches and be regularly hooked on the physical exercises including many yoga poses aiding your foetus’s growth hale and hearty.
  • Yoga Asanas Can Dilate Your Cervical Opening Before Time - Contrary to what popular beliefs are, Yoga Asanas tend to increase your carrying capacity for an ever increasing weight of baby bump. A regular session of yoga can increase your stamina bit by bit and can strengthen your mucus plug, obtaining a stable viscosity of amniotic fluid that helps your foetus float while acting as a shock absorber for the same from external conditions.
  • Physical Yogic Sessions Can Lead To A C-Section Delivery - A widely popular believe due to its association with the physical aspect of your pregnancy is the type of delivery a regular yogic session may lead to. With an increase in stress levels of the urban lifestyle, the trends in clinical delivery is often seemed to be inclined towards the C-section surgical procedure. Against all the popular beliefs, yogic sessions when coupled with hypnobirthing techniques can lead to a normal and natural delivery provided, you have zero complications in your pregnancy. 

While we congratulate and accompany you on your extension of a happy family, we promote a healthy foundation for your bright future and we do hope that this article has helped you take a step further in that direction. For more, we insist you to stay hooked here for further notifications.