In short, self-esteem is the respect or dignity that we hold for ourselves. However, in recovery, your vulnerability to stress blocks you from nourishing your-self esteem. Besides recovery is an ongoing process and the need for a better self-esteem is essential. Thus certain addition to your behaviour in order to boost your self-esteem is much needed.

Few tips:

  1. Feel free to share thought and feelings regardless of any judgment.
  2. Be positive about your recovery and have faith in your efforts.
  3. Always appreciate yourself each day for your recovery.
  4. Try to help other recovering client through motivation.
  5. Also, appreciate other recovering clients for their rigorous efforts.
  6. Always feel free to consult your counsellor or sponsor for any suggestion.

Such practice will befit you in:

  1. Building confidence.
  2. Motivating your recovery further.
  3. Appreciating self.
  4. Feeling accepted and worthy.
  5. Being compliant and dedicated to your recovery.
  6. Feeling positive and good about yourself.
  7. Preventing a slip or relapse.

Ultimately, over a gradual period of time, your self-esteem will improve and your recovery will become much easy.