This article is a justification of role of a Physio in rehabilitation of a stroke patient. A few days ago, a gentle man rushed to my clinic asking my views about his 80 years old mother surviving stroke, he was not satisfied with amount of recovery she had after being taken for rigorous physiotherapy. On another day, I had a call from my ex-client requesting me to visit his 30 years old wife surviving stroke after she delivered her second child.... 

Now, thats what pushed me to write about young onset stroke. Let me give you a brief idea- any stroke appearing in <45 yrs of age is young onset and it accounts for 15-20% of total stroke cases. Now what may be causing them, to enumerate, there are some number of factors which can be divided into non-modifiable like Aging, Pre-menopausal Age, Race, Hereditary or family history, and as modifiable like life style, food and eating habits, high lipid levels, high blood pressure, use of  alcohol, tobacco, heart diseases like LVH, DM, and use of certain drugs like OCDS(which is more likely with my young Female client).

Its important to identify early symptoms so as to get appropriate management the symptoms like 

  • Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding speech.
  • Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes.
  • Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg (especially on one side of the body)
  • Headaches for no reasons, dizziness, trouble walking or managing balanced.

What can a common man do in stroke?

Simple FAST test:

Face: Check Smile

Arm: Ask patient lift both arms

Speech: Can ask patient to spell a small sentence

Time: Time is Critical first few hours are golden hours

Post Stroke Rehabilitation- Role of physios & what to expect!

Physiotherapy is very effective and key to better outcomes for a patient with stroke. Research suggests early mobilisation within 24 hrs of stroke improves the outcomes of patient. A minimum session of 45 mins per day five days a week is recommended schedule. A Community Based Rehabilitation is cost effective in cases of stroke which is almost not practised in India. 

Short Term goals of Physiotherapy:

  • Alleviate any pain in shoulder arm or any other part of body
  • Make patient as mobile on bed as possible
  • Explain and help family of the patient how to mobilise the patient on bed and changing the posture frequently
  • To prepare the patient for further ambulation

Long Term Goals:

  • To improve muscle strength
  • To improve coordination
  • To improve general health and maximise mobility
  • To help patient recover best of his physical ability. 

The More You Do The Better You Become- Dena Tyson in her book named.. Give Me The Strength!

The above quote is a best example of Inspiration to Stroke affected population..... It Definitely heals but with few impressions both Physically and Psychologically over the Brain.