Myofascial release is the foundation of addressing most of our internal physical restrictions. Picture a baby and a piece of clay. A baby is very malleable much like the clay in the sense that it can be molded into many shapes and manipulated in many ways. Like the clay, as the baby gets older its shape starts to set in and within time you will have a fixed organism with a certain capacity (much like how the clay has a fixed capacity). The difference between humans and clay, is that we have the capability of neurologically rewiring functional patterns. 

As we get older (and as the clay dries), it gets more difficult to become flexible opposed to when we were younger. If we analyze a clump of clay as it dries, it is also less susceptible to change and will become very fragile, much like a human being.  Utilizing myofascial release is scientifically equivalent to adding water to dried clay, hence making it malleable once again and ready to be shaped towards functionality. 

The problem with myofascial release is that people tend to take a passive approach towards it.  This is probably because many lack the initiative to push their comfort zones. When using an aggressive approach during smr to push comfort zones, the body will allow itself to develop new neurological inputs for functional patterns.  As myofascial release eliminates the restrictive patterns within the body, the brain can now effectively reshape its mechanical behavior.