The weather is bad in Bangalore and all kinds of infections and allergies are prevalent. Dengue and Chikungunya are on the rise and even viral fevers are presenting with great virulence. It is understood that our immune systems aren’t working as effectively. People are becoming more prone to allergic cold, cough, breathlessness or rashes on the skin. The skin has started becoming drier and darker than before and hair loss is on the rise. 

What is the solution to these problems? Alternative treatment like Homeopathy and Yoga and nutritional changes have been able to give a solution to these modern age diseases and help us to deal with them more effectively without any side effects. How Homeopathy, Yoga and nutrition works? Homeopathic remedies help to build up a resistance in a similar manner like the vaccinations and thus the immunity effectively protects from various viral and bacterial infections, and corrects the tendency for allergies and auto immune diseases. Yoga includes certain yogic postures and breathing techniques which helps to build the natural immunity of a person. The yoga techniques are individual specific and disease specific and well proven to improve a person’s health. Nutrition plays a major role in a person’s health. It is a well-known fact that diabetes is better controlled by a proper diet, and so are other diseases like Thyroid problems, hypertension, allergic diseases etc. Being on proper tailor made diet helps a person to recover faster from diseases. 

Is Homeopathy a slow treatment? Duration of the treatment is individual specific. There are patients who get cured in a single dose of medicine and never develop the problem for years together. There are also patients who need to be on medicines for months together. The duration of the treatment depends upon the following factors: 

  • Age of the patient- Younger the patient better the response
  • Duration of the disease- Cases of long standing duration take longer time to heal. 
  • Cases with associated Hormonal issues like Thyroid, Diabetes or PCOD take longer time to treat 
  • Patients with DNS, Nasal polyp and a Family History of Allergies take longer time to treat