Sexual dysfunction has become quite a common thing today. There are many factors that have contributed to the troubled sexual life. Sexual problems prevalent among women are extremely common. There are plenty of reasons because of which women face such problems in their personal life. Some of these problems are easily curable while others can turn out to be a matter of worry for family. If you are facing from any sexual problem, visiting a sexologist is advised at the earliest. 

There are many reasons for female sexual dysfunction. Starting from:

1) Serious medical conditions to emotional reasons - there are various other factors that affect one’s sexual life and desire. Some of the most common emotional problems such as resentment, guilt feeling, anxiety or stress and depression are among others that can cause problems. 

2) Physical causes for female sexual problems - There are cases where women suffer from severe pain while having intercourse due to pelvic disorder. In such a situation, a feeling hesitancy develops at the time involving in the act. 

3) Vaginismus - commonly known as vaginal tightness can make the opening of a woman’s vagina tight leading to pain at the time of penetration.

4) Other reasons - lack of stimulation, any form of fear and family problems. 

It is important for men to understand that woman take relatively longer time to get aroused at the time of act. In other words, she requires slightly more stimulation for the intercourse. In case, she fails to receive proper stimulation, she might not be able to give her hundred percent in bed. 

If you are suffering from any sexual dysfunction which are restricting you to perform in bed then instead of worrying, it is suggested that you look for a sexologist and get yourself treated for a happy and pleasurable life.