Homoeopathy for Incurable Diseases

Homoeopathy is different because it treats the man, not the disease. That is homoeopathy insists upon, treating, not the symptoms as has been wrongly asserted, but the patient with his symptoms. What we actually do is stimulate genetics of a man so that he could start curing himself. Every human being has his own DNA repair mechanism which cures, therefore there’s a mechanism in man which can cure every disease. This mechanism is exactly what homoeopathy stimulates. Homoeopathy believes that kinetic power is inside, not outside the human body. We stimulate this process in a human body so that it starts receiving it.

With Multiple sclerosis and psoriasis, vitiligo, affections of the heart, affections of motor neurons, Parkinson’s, autism, juvenile arthritis, juvenile diabetes autoimmune disorders, thyroid disorder and many more, modern medicine only tries to control the symptoms, not the disease. It does not find out why the disease begins, and that happens because the immune system is damaged. A cure is not simply the disappearance of one or several complaints but an optimally stable equilibrium physically as well as well as psychologically.

Come and experience yourself the power of homoeopathy!